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Chaitu Madala

If you would like to synchronize the user profile photo (not the URL only but the binary image) to and from the thumbnailPhoto Active Directory property, you might find the following link useful:
Synchronizing user image between Active Directory and SharePoint profile

Chris Verbeke

Instead of using the "extensionAttribute3" attribute, I've mapped the pictureURL to a "BDC - WCF webservice" (string attribute) with the same procedure as you explained in your configuration setup. The pictureURL points now to an external SSL-url (https://externservername/.../user.jpg). The user picture appears well in the user profile properties on the "Edit user profile property page" and on the "user profile page"; But when looking to the Organization Chart with Silverlight the pictures won't appear.
When I do a manually uploads of the same SSL urls, the pictures appear in the Organization Chart.
Is there a restriction for Silverlight to show SSL urls or am I missing a step?
It seems when you do a manually upload of the picture, it stores the picture in 3 different size in the Photos Library of the Mysite sitecollection. This is not the case when mapping the PictureURL to the url, no pictures are uploaded into the Photos Library.


Charles Fiset

look for this PowerShell command:



Do note (and take care): it is not supported by Microsoft to make changes in forefront manually. Doing this puts you into an unsupported state.

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