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Oleg Slyusarchuk

A little bit easier way to get Ids:

$metadataApp= Get-SpServiceApplication | ? {$_.TypeName -eq "Managed Metadata Service"}
$mmsAppId = $metadataApp.Id

$mmsproxy = Get-SPServiceApplicationProxy | ?{$_.TypeName -eq "Managed Metadata Service Connection"}

K. Austin

A simple code-free approach:

1. Backup the managed metadata database in your source farm
2. Delete the MMS service in your target farm
3. Restore the managed metadata database to your target farm
4. Create a new MMS service in your target farm
5. Ensure correct service accounts have full control of MMS

My company looked at multiple methods of migrating from our Dev environment to a Stage and multiple production farms. We also use a content type hub and migrated a test site to production. Using the method above, all GUIDs are retained and the pieces just snap into place.


Thank you for the article. It is the best I have found so far with rgerad to stapling. I have done exactly as it stated, yet when I deploy the feature is there, but not activated. I would like to have the feature activated each time I create MySite. Is it possible to have a solution sent to me or maybe some hints as to what could be done wrong. I am attaching the GUID from the Manifest from the main feature by clicking on the design view manifest link of the first feature and adding this GUID to the elements. This is kind of urgent and any help would be highly appreciated. Thank you.

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