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Peter Flies

One thing to add: the xIdcProfile field is also "protected" in 11g, so you can't delete this field in Config Man.

William Phelps

Excluding fields is not really a good practice, especially when using profiles with URM. The code still expects a field to be present in the data binder, even if the field is empty. If the field is excluded, the field will not be present in the binder at all, causing weird errors. Hiding the field has shown to be more stable and predictable than excluding it.

Bhanu Prakash

Useful info Charles. Point 4 is very useful for me.
Waiting for your posts on Content Folios and content renditions :)

Charles Weatherhead

Thanks for the comments everyone! William - I've never had an issue using the "Exclude non-rule fields," so I'm glad you brought this up. So you've seen core functionality sometimes won't work when using that option, or you’ve seen it cause issues more so when dealing with certain customizations?

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